I and my whole family and friends had the most amazing healing experiences through Mary Lou's healing sessions. As a healer, she is a real deal and her sessions are life savers. I highly recommend her to everybody who is seeking healing. She is a beautiful being. I love her with all my heart and soul!"

 - Sevgi Kara


Mary Lou's sessions opened me up to the spiritual world and seek to learn about many healing modalities to work with. Because of her healing sessions, my wife and I became healers in different modalities. Her healing sessions definitely changed my life in a positive way. She is the BEST healer I've come across. I recommend her to everyone who is in need of help or/and spiritual enlightenment. She is an Earth Angel!"

 - Richard Musolino

Mary Lou is truly a "gift".  An energy session with her is an experience unlike any I have ever had.  She embraces you with Love-Light- and positive energy...all of which she has taught me to realize are necessary for my well being and peace within myself.  Let go and let Mary Lou guide you to a place we all need to be in."

- Stacey Simcik


Guided Imagery, Reiki, crystals, it was all beyond my understanding.  I entered my first appointment so scattered and broken and months later, I am in the best mental, physical and emotional health that I have ever been in.  Mary Lou has a way that will embrace your desires and heal you one element at a time.  She is encouraging, supportive and very connected with her profession.  Through Guided Imagery, you will learn how to see it, become it, achieve it and live it.  Put the past behind and move toward the success of tomorrow.  Mary Lou is truly a gifted professional who will truly make a difference in your life.  Embrace the opportunity."

 - Karen Muro